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I'm Cynthia Belmer, founder of "The Happiest Self". I'm also a full time Mom, wife, spiritual seeker, author, artist and Self-love and Mindfulness coach.

I believe that you're here because you're looking for a change in your life:

- You're unsatisfied and stuck in your relationships and you don't understand why

-You're at a crossroad and you're ready to push forward with a new YOU and discover who you truly are and what you want from life

- or Maybe because you simply understand that the path to PEACE WITHIN and a CONSCIOUS MARRIAGE starts with you being self-compassionate and self-accepting.

From my own experience, happiness is always changing and peace starts with each one of us changing our perception about ourselves and accepting ourselves for better and for worse. It’s not easy, that’s why it is a journey that requires commitment to yourself.

My coaching method is different because it focuses on embracing and FACING every aspect of yourself (in the past and in the present) - including the negative emotions and thoughts that you might resist.

When you begin the process of self-acceptance, you won't have to worry about any hurdle coming your way because you know In your gut that you can handle anything!

I believe that we either choose to consciously change for our own good or life will force us to face our deepest fears and deepest wounds. I know this because I have been in this healing journey for 12 years and I have been helping women do the same for more than 6 years.

If you let me, I'd love to take a walk and assist you in your own journey.

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  • Before working with Cynthia, I used to get anxious and fearful about things in my life that were out of my control. I was going through a period of time where I had lost a lot of my self-confidence. Cynthia helped me get my passion and inner happiness back, which automatically made me more confident. I'm a better person today because of our work together.

    Marina K. Entrepreneur, California
  • I began working with Cynthia because I had trouble connecting with my husband and with myself. I made progress faster with Cynthia than with other methods. I saw a difference in my confidence, I became less of a people pleaser and I realized how my husband was nothing but my own mirror. Working with Cynthia showed me my unique values as well many things including that my intuition is the God inside me.

    Katherine H. Nurse, Georgia


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