You’re here because you want to create change in your life.

Maybe it is that you want to understand yourself better or you are struggling in being a new mother or you want to heal a relationship you have with your spouse, with your family or…….you feel a sense of emptiness that’s calling you to begin the process of discovering and deciding WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IN LIFE….

I’m happy to assist you in your journey….whether you need help in:

  • Building a strong sense of “WHO YOU ARE”, what you want from yourself and from life
  • Reshaping your relationships
  • Creating more confidence and finding the hidden gem within yourself
  • Discerning your own spiritual path.


My name is Cynthia Belmer. I’m the founder of “The Happiest self”, and a Mindfulness and self-love coach.

I’m not a psychologist and I don’t have a PHD.

BUT ….what I do have is my own healing experience in this life.

Just like you, I am a human being which means… I’ve faced a lot of challenges.

I have also found closure and peace in many of my experiences. I say many, because healing is a process and sometimes the same experience keeps repeating itself until we feel complete with it.

Some of what I came to learn throughout the years is that:

1- Life becomes peaceful when we re-learn to think peaceful thoughts

Our heart becomes open, spacious and at peace when we face the situations that haunt us instead of constantly complaining about them, talking about them and seeing ourselves as a victim.

That does not deny that we have been through hardships or that life sometimes is very challenging. It does on the other hand, shows us our strengths in the middle of the storm…and your power lies in the tiny little changes and steps you take during the storm.

2- The relationship we have with ourselves (and our highest selves) will determine not just our own future happiness,  but the wellbeing of everyone else around us. 

The trouble is that sometimes we forget to prioritize our own needs. And so we end up letting go of connecting with ourselves and settling for second or third best, then after a while of giving, giving, giving…..we feel empty and trapped. And sometimes, this is when the past come back to haunt us….and this is when we start questioning everything about who we are …to what we want in life……more importantly I truly believe that the foundation of any belief we have about ourselves, our relationships, about why we are doing what we’re doing and what we’re here for stems from our spiritual belief about life itself.

3- There’s a hidden gem underneath every single emotion we feel. Running away from our feelings or from situations (and relationships)

There are many strategies however, nothing beats at a template. One of the greatest ways to write for me think of a personal essay is to ask someone who has done it or just browse through the essay writing paper templates which are available online. You can select a template which is appropriate to your topic and ability level. The template will allow you to plot your thoughts and organize your ideas.

that make us feel anxious and fearful will only get us to feel worse, trapped and more fearful. Facing our feelings and accepting ourselves for better and for worse is essential to tapping into our strengths and power and most importantly to make peace with ourselves (and life).

It is only then that we begin to build enough trust within to know that WE CAN HANDLE any storm in the future.

If you’re anything like my clients, you might have experienced some of the following problems:

  • You’re a new or experienced mother who is constantly irritable and stressed out.
  • Negative self-talk is getting you down and you have a tendency to criticize yourself for every little mistake you make.
  • You’re fighting with your husband way more than usual and worry that the disconnection you feel towards him might be heading for the unthinkable.
  • You feel guilt when you take care of yourself
  • You’re at a crossroad and need help rebuilding yourself
  • You don’t understand why you feel trapped when you have so much freedom
  • You desperately want to change your life, but have no idea where to begin.
  • You want to step into your highest awareness and lead a life that is the result of your soul’s desire (and not what society thinks you should do or be) , but you’re afraid of not fitting in.
  • You’re simply ready to find closure for many of your past experiences
  • You’ve done therapy and/currently doing therapy but you need a deeper push to change

Although we may have different life challenges but I believe that our negative emotions are the same. They are not exclusive or unique to one individual.

I have been working on taming my mind and changing my negative subconscious thoughts for more than 10 years and it hasn’t been easy but jumping on the other side is very delicious. That, I can promise!

I also have mentors. I follow teachers. I have been meditating on and off for 10 years. Yoga was a stepping stone in my healing as well. I also used to dedicate at least 20 hours of inner work per week. Nowadays, I do one hour per day most days.

Do you have to dedicate that much time to heal?

It depends on what you came to this life to do. It also depends on how fast you want to move past your challenges.

But what is required of you is commitment to yourself whether it was one hour per day or one hour per week. 

Being fully present with yourself in whatever time you dedicate for yourself.

One thing I have to tell you…

I can’t fix your problems. I can’t fix your partner. I can’t fix your past. I can’t fix your relationships.

I can only HELP you work on changing your self-talk me negative beliefs and you can do that 24 hours a day.

It will take a lot of energy but it’s much more productive to use the same energy for something that will benefit you for the rest of your life than to use it for creating your own suffering.

That is the path to peace in my own opinion.

Click on the button below …If you feel called to start making a change within yourself and in your life….




More about me...

  • I’m Lebanese-American, born and raised in Lebanon but today I’m proud to call America home!
  • I have more than 10 years of inner transformation and mindfulness experience
  • I’m sensitive and an empath. I know how challenging it can be to feel other people’s pain.
  • I have an MFA in arts. I work also as a visual designer and I am story teller through typographic artwork.
  • Certified Life coach with more than 6 years of helping clients
  • Certified Yoga instructor
  •  I’ve been meditating for more than 10 years (in fact that’s how I met my husband), I worked with famous spiritual mentors, attended many mindfulness retreats and read literally hundreds of self-help books! So I know a thing or two about this messy, beautiful thing we call life.
  • I am so lucky and blessed to have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband.
  • I can’t stop growing, learning and discovering more about myself and spirituality. That’s my holy addiction 🙂
  • I enjoy nature tremendously. I spend at least 1-2 hours a day in nature. Whether I’m lounging, reading, playing with my baby girl or occasionally doing some fun activities like biking, hiking and kayaking.
  • I also enjoy coffee. Especially first thing in the morning but I’m also getting into teas 🙂