The Difference Between Self-Compassion and Selfishness? Conversation with Tibetan Monk Geshe Phende

Sometimes we fear taking care of ourselves or saying no because we’re afraid of being selfish.  In this video, Geshe Phende explains the clear difference between both of them. He goes into details through discussing how we could cultivate self-compassion towards ourself and others when others step on their boundaries.

In this video, we also discuss high expectations and the pressure we experience in modern society to be the best which is a setup for depression, anxiety and sadness.



Geshe Ngawang has been a monk since he was 12 years old. He’s part of the Drepung Loseling Monastery where he got his degree as a Geshe. He’s also the author of “Reducing Suffering”. Click on the link to buy it here on amazon:

To watch Live and recorded meditations from the monastery, visit this website: and click on LIVESTREAM

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