Overcoming Fear of Death [Interview with Neale Donald Walsch]

This website is about motherhood, self-love and mindfulness then why talk about death?

Simply because we can’t live our truth fully, we can’t have the healthiest and most loving relationships and have fun in life as long as we allow the fear of something bad happening to us (such as death) take control over our lives.

When I look at what is going on in the world right now, a feeling of sadness takes over my heart. We are exposed to threat on daily basis from terrorism, fear based media, fear based religions, illnesses and so on.

I was angry with myself at first for having those thoughts and I thought I was being negative until I read Neale Donald Walsch’s latest book: conversation with God book 4: awaken the species and Home With God: in a life that never ends.

I realized then, that denying reality doesn’t make me a positive person. These problems exist in our world and they have enhanced our fear of death to an extent that we deny it as much as possible as if avoidance is going to magically make it disappear.

Why are we giving death such bad reputation?

The truth is we know nothing about death except hints from people who experienced Near Death Experiences, Out of body experiences and also from some religious books.

But what if our perception towards death CHANGES FROM something that is really bad, causes separation between loved ones, and being judged by a very harsh God such as we will either go to hell or heaven TO …death is the best most peaceful thing that could happen to us?

How would your life change if you stopped fearing death? What about if you allow yourself to mourn your loss fully but be happy for the person who died for they have found peace? Would that enhance your relationship with yourself and others or would it make it worse?

In this episode of The Happiest Self, Neale and I discuss our basic human fear about death, what we can do while grieving along with a hint about what could the AFTERLIFE be like based on NEALE’s out of body experience.

Neale is the author of 33 books on spirituality, including the famous New York Time best-selling series: Conversations with God book 1,2,3 and his latest one is book 4: awaken the species. To ask Neale direct questions visit: www.cwgconnect.com

Tell us in the comments below, How would your life change if you were to accept death as something beautiful that could happen to all of us?

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