• Before working with Cynthia, I used to get anxious and fearful about things in my life that were out of my control. I was going through a period of time where I had lost a lot of my self confidence. Cynthia helped me find my way back to my passion and inner happiness, which automatically made me more confident. I was a bit nervous to open up to someone I didn't know at first but I felt a great connection with Cynthia. I also love how she helped me go back to the root cause of my fears, release it and change it. I also loved the homeworks Cynthia gave me. It taught me to look past what's happening at first glance and look beyond it to find the answers. Thanks to our work together, I now feel confident, strong, I learned to embrace my negative feelings and listen to what my fears are trying to tell me, I'm comfortable sitting with myself and I also learned to prioritize my life with things I'm passionate about. Working with Cynthia was very helpful to me and she's genuinely a caring person. I feel like I'm a better person today because of our work together.

    Marina M. California
  • I came to Cynthia because I was struggling finding my path in my career as well as figuring out what I want for myself in life. Thanks to our work together, I was able to build much better relationships in my life starting with myself and extending that to my family. I also feel that I have been awaken into a new world; one I never experienced before. My life is now filled with meaningful work, love and honesty and I learned qualities about myself that I thought never existed. Our sessions showed me the love that I have for myself and how to open up to others. I felt confident and safe with Cynthia during our sessions. I was able to speak up my mind, feel all my emotions without fear of being judged and solve the struggle I was going through in just one session. My coaching with Cynthia helped me: become my own master, be more comfortable with my feelings, trust other beings again, take actions towards my goals, think about others with compassion (including myself), always trust and respect myself, make peace with myself, be an active member of this world by being there for others because life is not about me only. I loved working with Cynthia and I highly recommend her. What I loved the most compared to other coaches or therapists is that my healing process was very fast with her. It taught me how I can turn things around in my life by taking responsibility of my own feelings and experiences.

    Eli R. Costa Rica
  • My attitude and inner self were transformed into a deeper power to flow with life... Cynthia helped me be freer, more open, and I found myself much more willing to take risks. Her coaching allowed me to see that life is simply a series of choices and that I have the power to make the ones that will make me most happy. I Absolutely appreciate Cynthia’s wisdom and guidance. I am so inspired by her! You are AWESOME, Cynthia!

    Kaci S. Oregon
  • After my coaching with Cynthia, I gained so much more wisdom and power to make the choices in my life. I became more patient with myself and very confident that I'll create a life that fulfills me. I loved how transformative each coaching session was to me and I felt grounded, powerful and gained tons of knowledge about my inner needs and wants in life. Working with Cynthia gave me tools to have confidence in myself, motivation to turn my dreams into reality, self-love, the patience to flow with life and let things unfold beautifully for me

    Laure J. France
  • Cynthia's wisdom and expertise as a coach along with her empathetic nature have been a huge advantage at Unbound. She helped improving the emotional and mental health of our social promoters who lead, train and work directly with our poor communities. She also helped many staff members in the Central office resolve their personal and work related issues. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Cynthia Belmer as a Self-help and Relationship coach. Her knowledge, undeniable commitment and compassion along with her passion to helping others heal will be an absolute benefit to creating a positive impact in many individuals who struggle in the world.

    Carolina C., HR at Unbound Costa Rica
  • Working with Cynthia helped me face my fears and turn them into a powerful energy to lead the life I desire. It became clear to me that if something doesn't work, it doesn't mean that I failed (and my life is over). I became aware that I was not a victim in my relationships. I also learned to lead with my heart and communicate better about what's going on within. I recommend Cynthia to women who feel lost in their lives and are working towards sharing and opening their heart in a more vulnerable and open manner.

    Geraldine B. France
  • Cynthia is a great Life Coach. She has introduced me to a beautiful side of who I am that I was not aware of. She helped me discover all the positivity and power I have in me to feel stronger in being who I am. What I love about her sessions is that she takes me on a journey where I get to know who I am & what matters to me....It's amazing and I believe every person should take it. Highly highly recommended.

    Nadia B. Dubai
  • She's got that rare ability to pick up on what's blocking you from being fulfilled in your love life and inspire you to turn it around so that you could live happy in every area of life.

    usan Gonzalez, Best-selling Author of "100 perks of having cancer & Owner of Moon organics Georgia
  • Cynthia is a compassionate, intuitive, heart-felt Coach who has the depth and wisdom to help you discover your deepest self.

    Dr. Tamra Sattler, PHD, MFT Colorado
  • Prior to working with Cynthia, I was trying to seek stability with every person I encountered with the expectation that they would help me through it and make me a better and happier person. I was a bit hesitant at first to have my sessions through Skype because I usually connect better with people in person. However, thanks to working with Cynthia I now can experience my own power, I love myself so much more, I have better communication skills such as asking for what I want and need very openly, I don't jump into a "relationship" fast but rather take my time to see if the person is a right fit for me, I am also able to say NO to people easily and put myself first when needed. I also LOVED the "celebrating yourself" component at the end of every session because it made me feel of value and special — that was something I didn't do until I met Cynthia. I highly recommend Cynthia! She is a phoenomenal coach and I love how truthful and honest she is especially when she shares her own experiences. There is always so much to learn about ourselves and Cynthia helps you to get to the root of what may troubling you. She challenges you to see that you have all the answers within you to find that inner peace and guidance that everyone needs in life.

    Ana C. Georgia
  • I began working with Cynthia because I had trouble connecting with my husband and with myself. I wasn't sure at first whether coaching would be able to help me out but I noticed right away that her methods are unique and focused on getting immediate results. I saw a difference in my confidence, I became less of a people pleaser and I realized how my husband was nothing but my own mirror. Working with Cynthia showed me my unique values as well many things including that my intuition is the God inside me. I didn't realize how much I was living through my son and the pressure it created but the new discoveries I made helped me make new healthy choices. I made progress faster with Cynthia than with other methods. I also appreciate that Cynthia was available to support me outside of the sessions via email or a quick phone call. She also encouraged me to do self-inquiry homework so the deep work continued outside of the sessions.

    Katherine H. Georgia
  • I worked with Cynthia because I was feeling down and stuck in my relationships. I experienced immediate shifts during my sessions with her and I became more trusting of the Universe because it always has the best intention for me. Working with Cynthia showed me what I value in myself as well as in a romantic partner. It pushed me to ask deeper questions that led me to experience my own power. Cynthia is great at what she does and I appreciate her honesty so much. I'm sad our sessions are over!

    Danielle G. California

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